Well, I’ve been waiting to order a new journal to write in, but I just never seem to get around to it, and my life is passing me by without my keeping a record of it.  I thought I’d better do a catch up before I forget too much.  I can’t actually remember what I’ve written about lately, so I’ll do my best to not overlap.

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Well we made it to the bay area and we found a house and we’ve been here for two weeks (in the house).  It’s been a crazy three weeks.  Read more…

On the job front

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For those of you that don’t know, Hans decided to accept the offer from Facebook.  He wrote his own blog post about what a tough decision it was. Ultimately we are happy with our decision and excited for the new opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.  Read more…

The saga continues

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We’ve renewed our lease until the end of July since we are a little off schedule with our graduation plan, but not much.  With reunions, job interviews and just plain life, we’ve been busy.  I’m so proud of Hans for sticking to it and doing something on 97% of those busy days to keep us moving forward to the goal of graduation.  As far as the job front is concerned, we are very excited about the possibilities.  Hans has interviewed onsite with Facebook and Google as well as several phone and email exchanges .  He also interviewed with Boeing and a few companies in Utah.  Our first offer came in on Wednesday from Boeing.  We’re still waiting for feedback from the other companies, but with any luck all the offers should be arriving here within the next week so we can have all our options on the table and make a decision.  It’s going to be tough to decide- they all offer such great opportunities, but I’ll be glad when we finally have decided, that way we can have it out of the way, put all the efforts in to graduating and figuring out the next steps for moving.  We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we decide.  Yay!  “Real life” here we come….

Family Reunion

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We returned last week from a fun family reunion in Orlando.  We were able to play with my family, for almost a week.  The boys had fun playing with their cousins.  Nobody got much sleep at all, but it was still so fun.  We hit up Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal kingdom.  Jonathan had had enough by the end of the first day, but he was patient and happy for the most part, albeit hot, hot hot.  All he wanted to do was go back to the pool at the condo, and go swimming.  He’s becoming quite the little fish.  It was bittersweet to come home, but we created lots of fun memories and were so greatful for the opportunity to go thanks to my parents who payed the way for us poor college students.  We’ll have pictures up soon- I’m so bad at posting pictures, but keep checking back occasionally to see if I’ve added them yet.  (You can always click on the link on the left hand side for our photo gallery.)

A little princess

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So we’re having a girl!  We found out many yesterdays ago when we went in for the ultrasound.  We are excited for this new adventure in parenting.  I have to admit that I am a little  nervous, simply because a large part of this little girls metamorphosis into a mature woman will depend on the example that I set for her.  I struggle at times with my purpose and role as a woman.  I struggle with all the things that being a woman means in this confusing time in the world.  I just plain struggle.  I guess that’s part of life.  I’m relieved on the other hand, because now that I have my girl, I can be done with the business of making babies.  I’m due September 15th, but really she could come anytime in september.  So yay, a girl.  Suggestions for names are welcome.

The light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer

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Hans is officially code complete as of about a month or so ago.  We celebrated with a wonderful date that lasted longer than 3 hours and that did NOT involve children.  We even got to hold hands! It was great! Read more…

Exciting News

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Hey everyone!   Anyone that reads my blog, probably already knows this, but we are expecting baby number 3.  We are excited and I am due in September.  I figure the baby will come when it’s ready, I’m not in any real hurry.  I’m just trying to keep my head on with the 2 kids I’ve already got.  As far as I know I think this will be our last one (at least in this life).  So I’m riding this pregnancy out with that attitude.  I’ve been feeling well, and enjoying things.  We get to find out at the end of this month if we’re having a girl or a boy.  We are hoping for a girl, but will be happy with a healthy baby.  I’ll try and post pics of the ultrasound alien baby when the time comes.  YAYAYAY!!!!

Coming out of hibernation…at least for a little while

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Winter has come and gone here, but I haven’t posted, or updated my blog since then, so I thought I’d “spring” in the new season/update with a new background.  This will work for now.

Lachlans hair

This post is such old news, but it’s still funny to see the before and after

Lachlans hair has never been cut.  Hans says that Lachlan is our little Samson.  So while Hans goes to school- Lachlans hair is a symbol of strength and fortitude that Hans will be able to finish.  That was all in gest.   Lachlan looks like a miniature mad scientist, but I reckon the time has come to give him a  “decent haircut”  What do you think???hair-before

And here’s the after, sooo much better, but not as funny ;)


What a sweet baby