The light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer

Hans is officially code complete as of about a month or so ago.  We celebrated with a wonderful date that lasted longer than 3 hours and that did NOT involve children.  We even got to hold hands! It was great!Since then he’s been  writing, writing and writing some more.  It’s a crazy time  right now since so many changes will be happening for all of us ( a new job(hopefully), a new car to fit three car seats (hopefully), a new house/bigger pad (hopefully) a move (hopefully), a new baby (definately), graduation (probably).  So much in so little time.

Hans has been applying for jobs left and right, burning the candle at both ends, and virtually becoming superhuman in his efforts.  We are both ready to be done with school, and so are our wallets.  It’s a little nerve wracking as the end is drawing nigh.  It’s still so “far away”, but is increasingly quickly coming to an end with no “next step” in sight as of yet

Our faith is being tested as we do our part to ensure that there IS a next step.  But we’re pretty much trusting that the Lord has it all planned out for us.  We’re excited and growing in the process- figuratively and literally.  I’m not sure how much more we can fit in our apartment.  One things for sure, we’ve sure gotten creative with our use of space and downsizing to needs vs wants.

Though this time in our lives has been trying, it’s also been rewarding.  I know there are things I will miss about this simple lifestyle, so I am enjoying the benefits of it while I still can, but boy, oh boy, am I ever excited for the new changes coming our way.

If anyone wants to come and visit, the weather is PERFECT right now and we’ll show you our favorite haunts.  You’ve got until the end of may, so let us know if you’re interested, we’d love to have you

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    Danelle Aguilar

    I am so excited for you and Hans. Yeah!!! Baby number three sounds like lots of fun also. September is a wonderful time to have a baby. If you move anywhere close to east Texas, let us know. We would love to see you. We are also wanting a promotion for Vicente. We are waiting for something to open up in the southwest. The Las Cruces store is open however, the same district manager is still there and Vicente does not want to work for him. We are hoping that everything will come together this summer. We too are just putting everything in the Lord’s hands. If it happens, great, if not I guess we will rethink what we are going to do. We miss everyone in Las Cruces but we are enjoying our time here. :)


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    Wow, I didn’t know that you were pregnant! Congrats! I’m very excited for you! Maybe we’ll see you again soon.

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