A little princess

So we’re having a girl!  We found out many yesterdays ago when we went in for the ultrasound.  We are excited for this new adventure in parenting.  I have to admit that I am a little  nervous, simply because a large part of this little girls metamorphosis into a mature woman will depend on the example that I set for her.  I struggle at times with my purpose and role as a woman.  I struggle with all the things that being a woman means in this confusing time in the world.  I just plain struggle.  I guess that’s part of life.  I’m relieved on the other hand, because now that I have my girl, I can be done with the business of making babies.  I’m due September 15th, but really she could come anytime in september.  So yay, a girl.  Suggestions for names are welcome.

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    Eriko Lynn Fugal

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    You will do great Erin! I worry about the same thing with responsibility for 3 girls! Just be honest with them and love them and help them to love themselves, somewhere in the process, you will see how wonderful you are too!

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