The saga continues

We’ve renewed our lease until the end of July since we are a little off schedule with our graduation plan, but not much.  With reunions, job interviews and just plain life, we’ve been busy.  I’m so proud of Hans for sticking to it and doing something on 97% of those busy days to keep us moving forward to the goal of graduation.  As far as the job front is concerned, we are very excited about the possibilities.  Hans has interviewed onsite with Facebook and Google as well as several phone and email exchanges .  He also interviewed with Boeing and a few companies in Utah.  Our first offer came in on Wednesday from Boeing.  We’re still waiting for feedback from the other companies, but with any luck all the offers should be arriving here within the next week so we can have all our options on the table and make a decision.  It’s going to be tough to decide- they all offer such great opportunities, but I’ll be glad when we finally have decided, that way we can have it out of the way, put all the efforts in to graduating and figuring out the next steps for moving.  We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we decide.  Yay!  “Real life” here we come….

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    Good luck! How exciting!

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    What an exciting and scary time in your life. We just got back from Albq. where our new grandson was born. Hope you get offers from the one you really want.

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